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11/07/2015, 17:23
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A big thumbs up for my followers, who have been liking and commenting my posts over the last few years. I won’t stop using this blog on wordpress, for my personal photos, and videos. But as you could witness over the last years… all I did was uploading my photos and videos, to publish them for viewing among the people. Only  a few words were written on this blog.

I decided to create a traveler blog, on which one I will update a blog on a daily or weekly basis, and I will add weekly reviews about restaurants, bars, places, … etc. I wanna share my passion of traveling with fellow travelers, or people who just need a little push to grab a backpack and leave, to discover a new country, a new city, a new world.

I’d be glad, if you would follow my new blog called “TRAVEL{TOO}FAR”. You can reach it on www.traveltoofar.com. I will of course put all my videos and photos step by step onto that platform, it looks much more professional, and I hope i can reach a larger crowd on squarespace.

Thanks a lot for checking out my new blog!




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