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5 days in vegas
31/08/2009, 06:38
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1st day .. All the roads lead to vegas
26/08/2009, 06:32
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Bruges in motion
18/08/2009, 16:34
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location: bruges & koksijde
camera: nikon d90
soundtrack: refused & motorpsycho

17/08/2009, 19:33
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last weekend, i did my first trip to the beligum westcoast. a lot of people from luxembourg, and the neighbour countries are attracted to the belgium shore. i first thought that those vacations would be for low-budget-tourists, however after my first 24hours, i had to realize, that i’ve spent more money for food in the koksijde area, than i’ve spent on my last trip to paris. in my opinion, the coast of belgium isn’t really a must-see. it looks so unaesthetic, and charmless, compared to other bay areas in europe. on saturday, we went to bruges. after i’ve watched the movie “in bruges” (which one belonged to my favorite movies of 2008), i really had to see bruges. i really like the city, not only because of the movie, but while we were moving forward in bruges, walking alonge the rives, crossing the bridges… we quickly recognized what ‘s so special about this medieval city. i can imagine that the city looks even more fairytale-like during christmas time. the shops are classy, and so are the little streets, which lead from one bridge to another. bruges was the only good thing i will keep in mind about the north-west of belgium.











12/08/2009, 16:29
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My “Stuff i really need to buy in the U.S.” list:
10/08/2009, 20:12
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* hollister deo-Stick / manhattan
* Tapout / UFC / OTM shirts&shorts
* Bath & body works – body lotions, and soaps
* vitamins
* venice beach gold’s gym shirt
* mexican sugar skull statue
* fight! – magazine
* musclemag – magazine
* cds from the Amoeba shop in hollywood
* gotta get a tattoo (either at Hart&Huntington in Vegas, or a local studio in L.A.)
* clothes from the hollister shops, and urban outfitters
* cheap 5$ LAPD shirts
* beef jerky
* supermarket meds

more to come soon 🙂

10/08/2009, 19:32
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this photo was taken in my bedroom…
i gotta get more active, and start shooting outside.
i lack creativity in luxembourg.